Online application development is fast and easy with WEHOOP!

Discover all the features offered by WEHOOP to enable you to deliver complete solutions in a short time. Discover all that lies behind our product.

  • User Interface

    A modern, fully adaptive interface that offers all features available on both PC, tablet devices as smart phones.

    • Modern and fully adaptive interface
    • All features are available on PC, tablets and smart phones
    • Interactive form offers a dynamic navigation and context-sensitive help
    • Include product tour
    • Start a process on behalf of another user
    • Start a process from an existing one
    • Start a process from an link (URL)
    • Transfer processes to a colleague
    • Reassign activities to a colleague
    • Share processes and forms with your colleagues (provides read access)
    • Managing delegations from your profile
    • Absence Management
    • Summary of activities in your absence
    • Email notifications are sent via SMTP protocols (compatible with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino and other email systems)
    • Inform user of process and activities processing times
    • Inform user of next process activities
    • Ability to automatically fill the form fields from third-party applications or databases
    • Ability to make batch changes
    • Simple and advanced search
    • Interface and communications available in French and English
    • Documentation available in French and English

  • Interactive form descriptor

    With your dynamic form rendering engine, you’ll never have to worry about form layouts. WEHOOP handles that for you.

    • Dynamic form rendering engine (you’ll never have to worry about forms rendering again)
    • Supports all field types (text, text box, date, single and multiple selection, file, etc.)
    • Ability to restrict file types that can be attach to a form (pdf, docx, .xlsx, jpg, gif, mp4, etc.)
    • Context-sensitive help available for each field, and allows to refer to files or web pages
    • Ability to insert color badge to draw attention
    • Ability to group fields to form a block of repetitive entries (as dynamic arrays)
    • Ability to print the blank form
    • Ability to group forms using keywords
    • Regroup fields in sections
    • Full field validation tools
    • Required field (never, always or based on condition)
    • Hide field on condition
    • Sequence numbering management
    • Documents archiving management
    • Designs features are available to an unlimited number of users

  • Process descriptor (workflow)

    The process wizard saves a lot of time. It supports simple to very complex process (simultaneous activities, sub-processes and automated activity).

    • Process design interface
    • Process creation wizard
    • Supports simple and very complex process (simultaneous activities, sub-processes and automated activity)
    • Ability to define instructions for each activity
    • Manage pauses, deadlines and reminders
    • Hyper powerful actor selector for specifying the person assigned to an activity (supervisor, group, department, last activity assignee, support operators like union, intersection and difference)
    • Dynamic notification descriptor, ie dynamically replace the contents of the notification by form data
    • Send notifications in the user language when WEHOOP is deployed in more than one language
    • The Process design is done directly in your browser using drag-and-drop components

  • Process administration

    With WEHOOP, you will remain in control of your process from conception, through its distribution (activation), its implementation and its revision.

    • Instant creation of a new process from an existing one
    • Workflow management supports various levels of validation and approval according to the organization plan
    • Time management, delays and pause
    • Absences and replacements management
    • Start a process via email
    • Start the process via another process
    • Process versions management (design, active, review, inactive)
    • Activation of a new process or a revision in a single click
    • Ability to automatically notify the availability of a new process
    • Assisted reroute in cas of a routing error
    • Daily process validation
    • Notification sent to the process owner in the event validation error and the process is automaticaly disabled
    • Import/Export process definition

  • Audit trail

    Know everything. See everything. Forget nothing.

    • Logs all actions taken (date, action, user)
    • Provides a visual presentation of the history of actions taken

  • Pages

    Pages allow you to quickly and simply integrate news, publications, procedures and regulations to your different workspaces. Manage pages categories, time of publication and access to information.

    • Supports unlimited number of pages and categories
    • Edit content with a rich text HTML editor (WYSIWYG)
    • Content availability may be limited to a group of people
    • Provides four (4) different status: Draft, Pending , Published and Expired
    • Publication period management
    • Ability to attach the files

  • Security and user management

    Our platform is very safe and provides granular security, which applies at different levels: access or authentication, workspace, view, process, form, section and field. Depending on the configuration, it adapts to small and medium enterprises as well as large organizations with thousands of employees.

    • User Management through integration with your corporate directory (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.)
    • User Management directly with WEHOOP (authentication and password is managed by WEHOOP)
    • User profile with information, photo, groups to which it is associated, etc.)
    • Manage groups (Head and members)
    • Manage departments (Manager, Manager Assistant, Administrative assistant, employee, hierarchical level and administrative unit)
    • Management of the organization plan (hierarchical structure of departments)

  • User profile

    Each user is responsible for updating its profile. It’s simple and effective.

    • Contains reusable information by several processes and forms (contact information, preferences, etc.)
    • Profile picture
    • Displays user departments when WEHOOP is configured to manage an organization plan
    • Displays user groups
    • Ability to force profile update at the next login

  • Shared resources

    Reuse is at the heart of WEHOOP and allows you to reduce time spent on design and improves the quality of your processes. We have grouped all these elements in one place.

    • Workspace
      A space is like a home page or a Portal. It allows group users who have the same responsibilities or needs by providing a page, a navigation and context-specific information. It offers its own navigation (menu button areas located to the left of the screen) and the Widgets presenting information in different forms. Each workspace is secure in order to be available only to those concerned.
    • Widget
      Widgets are visual blocks having information in various formats: List, table, graph or indicators. Several widgets may be contained in the same workspace.
    • Lists and sub-lists
      A list can contain text values or refer to users.
      Examples: Type leave, Unions, job titles, locations, etc.
    • SQL Queries
    • Custom Views
      View descriptor can present your data in different formats like columns, list and calendar without programming.

  • Simulation environment

    This is where it all begins. There you can assemble your solutions, test ideas and enjoy a complete simulation environment that will enable you to succeed on the first try!

    • Provides process and forms design review
    • A simulation team is determined for each process allowing its members to simulate each of the activities of the process on behalf of the assignee
    • Ability to duplicate a process to quickly simulate different use case

  • Integration

    WEHOOP integrates with existing systems. ERP, CRM, Active Directory, where ever your data are located, WEHOOP can connect with it.

    • Integration with your corporate directory (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.) for user management
    • Integration to databases via SQL configuration (without programming)
    • Integration with your systems through Web services, REST API or Java API (with programming)
    • Interface for MediSolution VIRTUO
    • WEHOOP API available for Java and .NET

  • Statistics and reporting

    WEHOOP offers you the ability to generate reports and statistics as required. Generate reports in PDF or Excel format. Moreover, WEHOOP 3 provides a powerful statistical data production engine which is paired bold graphics that allow you to navigate your data and quickly identify the information sought.

    • Statistics generator via configuration (without programming)
    • Excel reports generator via configuration (without programming)
    • Reports can be scheduled at a given frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 1 month, etc.)
    • Reports are stored and secure in WEHOOP

  • Data export

    • All views can export its content to Excel
    • Ability to export to Excel the content of a view
    • Ability to export to Excel the content of a form

  • Archiving

    • Global documents archiving rules (status active, semi-active and destroys)
    • These rules can be redefined for each process

  • Administration and support

    • Support Workspace enables the management of users, groups and organization chart (departments)
    • Administration Workspace provides access to system parameters, usage statistics and server health including disk space evolution
    • Integrated Error Management that notify the user when there is a malfunction and automatically advise the quality manager