Based on best practices, they remain fully customizable.


The brand new hyperforming internship management platform for the health and social services sector.



Reduces the number of non-conformities by up to 65% in less than 12 months.

WEHOOP pour la maîtrise des non-conformités dans les laboratoires biomédicaux

Transport logistics for technical aids

All-in-one management of technical aids for better home care .


Product recall

Centralized management of all recalls involving areas of your organization.


Correspondance et suivi

Simplifie la collaboration quotidienne aux nombreux suivis de votre organisation.


Here are some examples of applications created with WEHOOP

  • Human ressources

    • Onboarding new employee
    • Job posting
    • Request for absence
    • Request for training
    • Request for union leave
    • Departure notice
    • Evaluation during probationary period

  • Finances

    • Risk analysis of international projects
    • Authorization to contract on a call for tenders
    • Infrastructure management
    • Purchase requisition< /li>
    • Requisitions for movable and fixed assets
    • Monitoring of budget commitments

  • Sales and production

    • New product development and introduction
    • Sample request
    • Product redesign request
    • Quote request and product entry order
    • Project management
    • Change management
    • Site mobilization

  • Information resources

    • Access request
    • Improvement request
    • Change request
    • Production request
    • Report an anomaly

  • Material resources

    • Request for access to parking lots and facilities
    • Request for space allocation
    • Request for equipment rental
    • Management technical services

  • Quality and ISO

    • Identification and declaration of non-compliance
    • Evaluation of services
    • Management of alerts
    • Complaints management