Manage all your activities on one platform

Easier and faster for you, your teams and your customers.

Powerful features that propel your work efficiency.


Automate sophisticated processes using a simple and dynamic process builder.



Build apps from scratch or deploy our apps and adapt them to meet your needs.



Personalized and secured workspaces that will help you stay focused.



Protect sensitive data with full traceability.



Onboarding your teams and customers and connecting them to your systems and APIs.


Report and stats

One-click reports, generated at the desired time and real-time statistics.



Surveys offering you its share of functionality to request and analyze.


Available from anywhere on your smart phone, tablet and PC.


The platform is offered in English and French to adapt to your teams and clients.


Because you are different, you need tools that fit to you, not the other way around

Simple and fast creation

Create powerful workflows in minutes. The WEHOOP workflow engine supports automated and simultaneous activities as well as sub-processes.

Drag and drop designer

The design is done directly in your browser. Our dynamic form rendering engine, you never have to worry about the presentation of forms.


Your teams and clients collaborate seamlessly using WEHOOP's workflow engine.


Personalized and generic notifications as well as reminders before deadline promotes fluid communication.


The best of no-code and low-code. Simplicity for the business analyst and all the power needed to the IT team

Everything you need to create business apps

Form and workflow designer, shared components, data import, ...

Reusable components

Lists of values, notification templates, connections to services and requests or APIs allow you to save valuable time when designing your applications.

Everything is dynamic

Notifications that adapt to the language of the recipient and the context in which they are transmitted. Save a lot of time with WEHOOP.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Access at all times to data on upcoming, current and past internships.


Keep focus on your business with organized and secure information

Personalized just for you

In addition to Home, a space available to all users, access spaces specifically created for your needs using the Studio.

Navigation and Widgets

In addition to being secure, a workspace offers its own navigation and various widgets allowing you to keep the focus on your activities.

Scalability and agility

Because you are different, you need tools that adapt to you, not the other way around.

The WEHOOP rapid development platform ensures performance, stability and uncompromising scalability.



Enterprise-grade security

Intrusion prevention

Use of an intrusion prevention system (IPS) and protection against cross-site scripting (XSS), a type of website security vulnerability that allows content to be injected into a page.

OAuth authentication

The authentication module allows you to connect via the OAuth protocol to services such as Azure AD and Google.

2FA double authentication

When users are managed by the platform, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available, allowing to reinforce the security of sensitive data.

Minimum access right

Use of the minimum access right which only authorizes access to the data allowing to accomplish the assigned tasks.


Integrate data sources into your forms and workflows using APIs or queries

Workflows and apps

Tailor-made APIs allow you to integrate your applications (CRM, ERP, ...) into your workflows using REST calls.

Workflows and website

Integrate your workflows directly on your website. Your customers will be able to complete forms and your teams will automatically be put to work.

Integration without programming

Integrate data from your legacy systems into your forms without any programming. Your specialists create the requests and the designer associates them with the fields of his form.

Report and statistics

Exploit your data using graphs, statistics and reports.

Reports without programming

Generate reports in Excel format without any programming. WEHOOP uses Excel templates and automatically transfers the desired information to them.

Secure reports

Reports are generated and secured on the platform. A notification is sent to each of the recipients informing them of its availability.

Statistics and indicators

Compile statistics using a few parameters and you're done. These will show up in your workspaces.

Data Import/Export

While remaining secure, WEHOOP allows the import and export of data only to authorized users.