Discover the new features offered by version 6 of WEHOOP. For this release we have focused our efforts on strengthening security, simplifying collaboration and fixing minor bugs.

Security Update

Version 6 provides enhanced security that meets the highest standards, ensuring optimal protection of your data.
We are proud to announce that this release offers enhanced security that meets the highest industry standards. With a considerable investment in advanced security measures, you can rest assured that your data is protected with the highest level of diligence. With a focus on regulatory compliance, our team has aligned development processes to the highest standards, ensuring a safe and reliable user experience. At WEHOOP, we maintain our absolute commitment to security, offering version 6 that combines optimized features and robust security protocols for your ultimate peace of mind.

Simplified collaboration

Automatic support for activities to be carried out.

With version 6, it is no longer necessary to click on the Take button to complete an activity assigned to you. By eliminating this action, it is now possible for all people to whom an activity was assigned to carry out it and no longer for the first person to take charge of the activity.

Also, when you receive a notification inviting you to carry out an activity, you will retain access to it.

Personalization of communication

Your logo helps establish a relationship of trust with the user.
For all notifications sent to people outside your company or colleagues who are not users of the WEHOOP platform, your company logo will be used in the header of the notification to allow recipients to establish a link with your business.