The Alert Management Application provides centralized management of alerts from pharmaceuticals and medical device companies.

This app provide a centralize management and communication of directives sent directly to employees by specialists. The information is updated in real time.

Developed on the WEHOOP platform, the solution is based on a process that tracks the various alerts and the application of the directives by the various employees to whom they are assigned.

This modern and efficient solution greatly simplifies the management of various alerts from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and devices, and facilitates the production of reports and statistics.

Image presenting the interface of an alert tracking.


  • Alert Tracking
    Alert management is supported by a process that is both simple and effective. It allows several teams to collaborate to perform the requested follow-ups.
  • Collaborative activity
    Offered on the WEHOOP platform, Alert management benefits from an type of activity allowing several people to collaborate by indicating evolving notes, attaching documents or assigning new tasks.
  • Calendar
    All the trackings are available in a calendar allowing everyone to find the tracking in which they are involved.
  • Notifications and Reminders
    When your collaboration is requested or to remind you that a deadline is about to be reached, notifications and reminders will help deliver on time.


  • Automated start of the process of Alert management on receiving an alert from email
  • Alerts are assigned to managers according to their type (supply, biomedical engineering, pharmacy, …)
  • Enables integration of the logistics team to plan recovery of drugs or devices
  • Automatically keeps all your recordings with end-to-end traceability

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